Getting close to harvest?

Hey everyone. First timer. Critical autoflowers. How close are we??

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Lots of white pistils. You have several weeks to go before you think about harvesting.

Get yourself a portable microscope or a jeweler’s loupe and begin looking at the trichomes a week or 2 after those white pistils have browned and receded. Here’s what to look for.


Wow! I’m at week 9. So it looks like I’ll be in 12 from what you’re saying. Thank you for the help.

Week 9 from germination or week 9 from the start of flowering? Cited harvest timing should be measured from the start of flowering (when white pistils first appear at the tips.)

I would expect you have 5ish weeks left based on the current maturity of flower. You won’t be disappointed. Those flowers will fatten up nicely for you.


They go from this to this if you just wait for it.
Totally worth it.


I’ll take the bud on the right, please😉

Although it sux feeling so close but having weeks to go but man, that final outcome is so worth the wait


Ohhhh!!! Ok. Learn something new every day here. Thank you so much. Now I’m even more excited to see where we end up


Hey guys. I’m another 18 days in. You suggested 5 more weeks. But I got the magnifier and damn they’re so cloudy right now! I’m seeing that I don’t want to go past the prime so I’m trying to pay attention. Do I really have another 2+ weeks on these?