Getting close to harvest time for one of my Black Widows




I was gonna hang the whole plant but decided to leave a few of the lower buds to keep going a little longer


I moved everything out of my bathroom and into a storage container to dry in the dark.
I’ve been reading up on drying and curing.
Up until now I’ve been clipping off some lower branches so my wife and her mom would have something to smoke.I don’t use Mj anymore I haven’t for over 20 years. I’ve just been letting it dry on a window seal. They are my gunnie pigs.
I don’t think that would be a good idea to do that with last nights harvest. I want that to be perfect so I’ll read up and ask questions
When I started this grow I had no idea how much time and effort you guys put into your growing and processing.
I bought some seeds from ILGM and planted them I didn’t come on this forum until a couple months or so ago.
I’m sure I did lots of things wrong but got lucky.
Like stepping in $hi# and coming out smelling like a rose. I still have 3 plants growing not ready to harvest yet. My next grow I will journal and ask questions. Im going to try scrogging but that’s not until next year.


My remaining Black widow has a branch that is deformed at the end like it’s been twisted with tuns of leaves growing straight up without any symmetry


I’ll try to get a better picture



Not only that but the main cola on the main stem split into 4 buds all the same height without me doing anything to it


Instead of growing opposite of each other 2x2 they are 4 side by side


Looks like she FIMMed herself. It happens sometimes, but nothing to worry about.


Yeah wasn’t worried just thought it was odd

Any thoughts on the bud in the first picture



I’m like a proud papa


Can’t wait to trim them out and see what it looks like


I have the same issue with one of my black widows. I like their toughness, its my first grow. Currently 7plants and all are different lol


This is my second grow with black widow and I have a big plant and a runt both times


Sorry I’m growing indoors but I guess it still somewhat similar.


I’m indoor as well, they turned a month this past week…


I have two they are five weeks from breaking the ground. One is 31” inches tall and the other is 19 inches


@Dman1969 mine did that as well. Oh and my .02 cents when you get to curing stage make sure your humidity doesnt flicuate i had that problem and i had saved my buds. If humidity does flucuate i recommend you getting 47 percent RH Brovedo humidoty packs. It will help you not to get mold. Just remember if its 61 and up RH it will get powerdery mildew.