Getting close to harvest time for one of my Black Widows


I think it is close to ready what do you guys think


Close, but not yet. Still lots of white pistils, though they’re turning. Do you have a magnification pic of the trichs?




I’ll try to get some tricomm pictures with my magnifier later today they are turning white
But here is a close up from my phone


I posted some pictures on bud porn have a look
I’m thinking the 20th I’ll cut it down
That will give the other Black widow some room and better sun


Any thoughts on splitting the stem


This is off a small bud clipped from lower branch


Normally, you split the stem 7-10 days before harvest. I don’t want to tell you when to do it until I see the trichs on the buds. You could be ready.


Ok I split the stem on one of the Black widows the other is not ready yet and it’s stem branches off right at the ground. So it’s a mute point. I’m curious to see if there will be any difference