Getting close to harvest time for one of my Black Widows


I think it is close to ready what do you guys think


Close, but not yet. Still lots of white pistils, though they’re turning. Do you have a magnification pic of the trichs?




I’ll try to get some tricomm pictures with my magnifier later today they are turning white
But here is a close up from my phone


I posted some pictures on bud porn have a look
I’m thinking the 20th I’ll cut it down
That will give the other Black widow some room and better sun


Any thoughts on splitting the stem


This is off a small bud clipped from lower branch


Normally, you split the stem 7-10 days before harvest. I don’t want to tell you when to do it until I see the trichs on the buds. You could be ready.


Ok I split the stem on one of the Black widows the other is not ready yet and it’s stem branches off right at the ground. So it’s a mute point. I’m curious to see if there will be any difference


@raustin does it matter the time of day when I harvest


It’s best to harvest at night in the dark, or before lights come on.


Then tonight it is should I hang the whole plant or should I cut the branches and hang them individually what do you think


You can do either. If humidity is high, then you want to hang branches to speed up drying. If humidity is low, then hang the whole plant to slow down drying. Slow drying is always preferable unless humidity is high and you need to prevent mold.


No problem with mold here I’m more concerned about too low humidity that’s why I grew in a greenhouse so I could regulate it.
I’m drying it in storage container after I wash it off


Good, then I would suggest you hang the whole plant.


Thanks for the help


Just harvested one of my Black widows total weight wet 4.2 lbs I’ll post pictures in the morning


Hey guys i am also growing bw and chocolope. Need lil advice as to if i should harvest NOW?