Getting close to harvest first orange hairs

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Looking good bro keep checking those trichomes for your desired buzz bud looking nice

Define close.

Got 3 weeks left at least for me. Not even close by my reckoning. How long you been flowering?

Idk the first thing about growing autoflowers. First grow, just following couple people videos and no problems so far do u think I it has longer to grow?? I hope so cause I want some tips like in the picture above the strain is gsc extreme says Ten weeks seed to harvest but I’m on week 9 and all have grown in different stages 1 is getting close another is about 3 weekbehind and two are 4 ft tall and just started to flower after 9 weeks of strait veg I turned the lights from 24 and 4 to 12 and 12 and they went into flower so kinda lost

And like when do I flush kinda close

Let’s tag in some people that will know @Budz420 @PurpNGold74 @kaptain3d @MidwestGuy


those grizz tagged in will be able to offer you a far better and more experienced answer then I. It can take a few hrs sometimes but they will chime in.


If they don’t know (which they do) then they know others with good info also

Flushing soil takes about 10 days or so. You kinda gotta use your best judgement as to when that needs to be started. It can be a tuff call too because so much weight is added in the final days you don’t wanna cut em off from nutes too early.

Did it say 10 weeks from seed or flower time 10 weeks? That time frame is also based on the breeders experiences. In order to “cement” that time frame you would have to have grown it absolutely 100% without deviation the exact same way as the breeder. Conditions, nutrients, ph light intensity and spectrum…EVERYTHING. Outside of that, it’s a general idea of what to expect. Some faster, some slower.

Your plants get ready one at a time. I see no yellow leaves so u got a ways to go yet. You can toss those breeder flower time dates out the widow with autos. Mine took close to 100 days White Widow

I mean these two were started at the same time as the other one both are 9 weeks old we’re all in same tint just got so big I had to take em out

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Nice gonna be some good smoke

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Looking good! Don’t stress too much when the girls don’t finish in the time they state on the packet. That timeline is base on optimum growing conditions. Mine are at a similar point - just starting to show some colours in the pistils at 6 weeks. I would say you still have 3-4 weeks to go - but they do ripen quite quickly near the end. Certainly not seeing anything to stress about. You might have a little nute burn on the tips - hard to tell for sure - but nothing to panic about. :+1: :+1: :+1: