Getting close then this?

So they are almost ready to harvest, so I open the tent this morning and I am getting the light yellow leaves and some brown and yellow tips and some dead leaves. Do I trim those leaves? Leave them?

I did not want to add nutes as they will be harvested in a week or two. I have them on a 12/12 cycle.



How many are there,4 plants? :thinking:
You are in soil?
Are you able to check trichomes?
Close up picture of buds?

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Id check trichs as well. The darker plant from picture 3 looks like water only will take care of it.

The other 3 could use a bit of something. Not alot but a lil to pish em to the end. Assuming trichs are still clear.

How long have you been flowering?

And do you know your pH/ppm numbers?

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In soil, been in flower for about 10 wks, I have some amber, most cloudy, a few clear.

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@Titan77 Sounds about ready to chop. Removing a few leaves isn’t going to hurt anything. But they look like you’ve been flushing…or have you been feeding as well?

Looks like they are just about ready to harvest then

Id chop those beauties if you have alot of amber. Too much amber and the thc starts to loose potency.

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