Getting close? First time...not sure

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I am sad, but I will take it as a learning curve. I got to experience the dreaded bud rot. I am not sure if it happened due to the cold (temps got in the 50s) or because she was so thick and needed better ventilation? Luckily my other 3 plants are fine. Stupid mold :sob:

Just to further torture myself I weighed her. Almost 4oz wet. A 4oz solid piece of bud filled with mold. Man I hated to throw it away!! Hurt my heart :slightly_frowning_face:

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She was getting so close to harvest. What a waste!!!

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@Brobdab. I feel for ya brother. Truly sucks.
Might want to consider doing a bud wash on the rest of it to kill any stray spores.

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Just googled bud washing. I should do that after I harvest right?

The mold was mostly all inside the bud and the mold was fluffy white.
I got the microscope out and looked at the bud on my other 3 plants. So far, I did not see any signs of mold. But the other buds have better spacing to get airflow. I cranked my fan up just encase.

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Yes. :+1:

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It’s happened to us all… But it never happens again lol
A bud wash won’t fix bud rot.

Proper ventilation or humidity control is ideal to avoid bud rot.


@Nicky @Oldguy

5 months later and I think it’s finally done :woozy_face:

Cindy 99

Passion Fruit

Just waiting on this bag seed :roll_eyes:


That purple tricomb shots soooo cool looking!

Oh man of its been 5 months I would be planting some new seeds and chopping it lol dannnng.
Grow some autos =p 3 months seed to harvest man!
But you gotta be on your toes!

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Thanks. After following your post and watching you grow I think I’m gonna give autos a try, but in organic amended soil.
I have 4 seeds that should be here Friday. I think I’m only gonna do 2 at a time tho. I have amnesia haze, zkittlez, cheese, and quarter pound, not sure what 2 I will pick first.
When this bag seed finishes I’m gonna clean my grow room and redo some things before I start my auto grow.

Few pics of the harvest. Not too bad for my first grow. Still waiting on one more plant to finish.

Passion Fruit - 4.5oz wet

Cindy 99 - 5.9oz wet (didn’t get a scale pic)
I’m in love with the color and wow at the resin! :heart_eyes:

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