Getting better!

Hey folks, this grow is doing far better than my previous ones. I believe I’ve finally done something right. But still I’d love some input.

This White Widow Auto is at 5 weeks old today. She’s under 2 lights; one 75w blue and red spectrum and one 150w white light. It’s in my 2x2x4 grow cabinet I picked up last time. I picked up Ocean Forest soil this time and have her in a 5 gallon pot. There is one circulation fan inside and one exhaust fan outside for ventilation. I have done a lot of LST on her through the weeks, which was absolutely required with my height constraints (next improvement).



They look really good

@dbld55 thank you

@HornHead I noticed you had done WWAs yourself. How does this look for week 5?

Beautiful girl!!


Well I’m certainly glad everyone thinks so! I think it has all the signs of too much nutrients, but I have heard that could happen with the Ocean Forest soil. I wonder if there’s a good soil like this that’s better for autos.

Looks really good! I’m not sure if it’s just lightning, but your leaves look a little greasy. That could be a sign of high humidity or nutrient issue, keep an eye on those things.

@dbrn32 Thanks for the reply. I think what you’re seeing is what I’ve decided is too much nitrogen. It also shows signs of too much Potassium via the browning on the leaf tips. Should I just flush soon if that is the case? Although I will say my area is prone to high humidity. I’ll need to get a humidity monitor to measure that.

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Most of us don’t sweat a little burning at the tips, you just try not to fry your leaves from there. If you’re concerned, I would suggest trying a mini flush the next time they are due for water. Prep about 4-5 gallons of ph’d water per pot you have, then slowly pour it through making sure to drench the entire surface. Collect last little bit of runoff and check the ppm.

great! thanks for the help. im really happy, this is one is the healthiest plants ive grown so far.

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Is that 5 weeks from breaking ground or five weeks flowering

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That’s 5 weeks from breaking ground

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Nice, I’ve never once have had an auto flower that fast. It’s always after about 2 months that I’ll get tired of waiting and will drop light to 12/12. But I believe that is from topping and the heavy lst I do. But end up with plants like this


Well I’d be ecstatic if mine got anywhere near that. My understanding was that all autos began flowering around 3-4 weeks, because their entire life cycle was complete in 10 weeks time. That being said, this is the soonest any of mine have flowered as well. Yours look fantastic, I hope the next 5 weeks do that to mine!

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It is topped as well. I’ll upload a couple more pics from its early life as well.

You can see here where it was topped about 10 days in. You can also see some lst gone wrong here. About a week ago I pulled a bit too hard on her and she snapped. But she never wilted or slowed down at all.
This was one week in:

This is where I topped it after 10 days:


I wait until the 5th node before I top. Gives me 8 main branches

Ha, wow,I may have to try that. I thought having 4 main branches was awesome! 8 sounds like a lot of LST

Sure was. Had to remove a lot of growth also

Do you think 32oz of water a day is enough for her?

Which plant? Those little ones 32oz a day is too much probably. The more mature plants just water to runoff and wait until they dry out to water again.