Getting better at this

Definitely getting used to that ph testing and Lightning’s i have a 150w sun system hps , what other recommendations do you fellows have . I appreciate all the knowledge all of you have given me !!! @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410
I just lowered my light about another inch

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I use a Square 2 by 2 and I tywrap it to one of my round corner post to clip my fan on those clip fans don’t clip well two round posts are bad to fall off. That will give you a way to adjust your fan up and down as plants grow. I noticed in the picture that it was clipped to the the tent. Plants look good.


you have a good thing going on.
a few suggestions:
extra food n water during this explosive growth phase will be a very good idea.
support each bud section so it will grow more buds instead of thicker branches for support.
light would be best at 24" or a little less.
Would be a good time for Ca Ching…with heavy phosphorus
keep it going…successful growing gets easier as your experience increases.
best wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


I would suggest keeping the light closer during vegg to get better node spacing


@tanlover442 noted , thank u very much

@HornHead have a few plants with that problem right now , I shoulda known better

@kellydans cool cool thank u for that little tip all appreciated !

Are you vegging with that hps?

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@HornHead no no I have 2 tents

This is my other lec setup

Dude, flower with both. I use a 315w cmh and love it. The flowering spectrum between the two would be the bees knees

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@HornHead well damn , didn’t think of that might just put them 2 together lol ! Thank you for your input

What brand and watt is your lec. And what color spectrum did you get? 3100k or 4000k?

Sorry just scrolled up and saw brand

If you have a 315 cmh its roughly 3x the light a 150 watt hps is. That’s what I would flower with.

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It is the 315 , but it says 120/240 v I have it on the 120 v rn @dbrn32 @HornHead and it dosent day how much K I’m pretty sure it’s the 3100 though as I’m looking it up?

Volts are not what there talking about that 150 hps is 150 watts I have same light the 315 is 315 watts and a hell of alot better spectrum either get another 315 or swap em because that’s 2000k bulb in the 150 but it will work for veg u want more light for flower

Yup, that’s input voltage of the ballast.