Getting ahead of myself, ScROG question

So I’m not even done with my first grow. But I’m already starting my next grow.

I’ve got 4 WW from ILGM sprouted in FFHF

I’ve built my SCROG set up, and I’m ready to go.

Right now I’ve just LST’d my plants. It’s nice to be able to remove them from the tent and set them up on a table or in the tub. I’m able to easily trim, water and flush.

How do people flush their plants while their under a scrog net? Any other logistical issue I need to plan for?

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I don’t scrog but I just do a gallon at a time, and suck the runoff up with a shop vac. So I’m just lazy and don’t wanna use the energy to move them.

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Usually with a catch basin, or drain system to the area to be shop vac’d out.


I elevated the pots with some wire shelving I had. If I get some hard plastic saucers it will work better than the light weight clear ones I have to slide then in and out.

Flushing will be a pain no matter what. Get out the dry vac


That’s what I figured.

That was the one thing stopping me from Scroging.

But I’m going to do it with my second grow.

You can try the process of ice or ice water flushing while placing your plants into 48hr darkness to shock plants and increase trichomes.

You can fill your grow container with ice and it a cool slow flush.

I’ll try that for sure.

I was talking about clean water flushing halfway during the flowering period. So you don’t get nutrient lockout.

Have you ever drilled or split your stem just prior to harvest? I’ve been reading a little about that.

Yes I’ve done stem splitting as well. Just be suuuuper careful!!!

Enjoy :call_me_hand:t4:

Baking Turkey pans. I’ll have to find the picture tomorrow. Easy peasy! I built something similar to @beardless.


Here is what I had.

I used a battery operated hand pump like this:

to transfer the water between my bucket of nutes to the plant and then from the turkey pans back to my bucket. I had the turkey pans sitting up in the back so the water would gather in the front for me to test.

Some use many different methods, but this was easy peasy and it worked great!!