Getting a small grow room

A question from a fellow grower:

Is it recommended for a beginner to maybe get a small grow room along with the seeds? I am wanting to grow my own but don’t quite understand what’s all needed. I want to sure I purchase the right supplies before getting involve

THE BEST WAY is to download Robert’s book on growing. It is a free download that is valuable if you are just starting AND as you keep growing. It is amazing all that you can pick up from it. I have read it several times and still pick up new things. The book and this site should get you through a first grow with minimal problems. Once you come up with a plan, run it through the support site and MacGuyverstoner and Latewood are the resident caretakers. They have tons of knowledge and are not shy about sharing it with you.
Good luck


Would you buy one of the grow rooms? I was looking at a few on the website, and started wondering if that is the best way to go? Any help would be highly appreciated.

I ordered a grow tent through but there are many out there. The has a lot on there but look around for specials on many of the sites. Sometimes a great price doesn’t equate to quality. Google "indoor growing tents and you will have plenty to choose from.

A grow room is really nice because you contain the smell in the tent and having a charcoal filter to clean the air is a big plus. How big a tent depends on the number of plants you want to grow, your space to grow in and the need for stealthy grow that contains smell.

I used a 2x4x5 foot grow tent and it worked great. I didn’t even need to vent it that much until flowering. That is when you really need a good fanand filter. The “smell of success” may be cool to you but it can also lead to problems if the neighbors or guests in the house can smell it!

Good luck on your grow

Thanks. I am looking to buy a small room to start for now.