Getting a new LED Light Question

I have researched on ILGM and the WEB about led lights and decided it is time for me to get one. I just got a Cool hand-me down 4ft l X 2ft w X 5ft h grow tent from my Brother In Law. (Thanks to the B. I. L) I bought 2 General Hydroponic Waterfarms DWC buckets and added an extra air stone to each one. I have 2 fans for the tent, my temp and humidity meter. With my 4 bulb T5 2 foot light fixture the inner temp stays about 72 to 74 degrees and my water temp stays right at 68 degrees. I had decided on a Mars Hydro Reflector 144 LED light to go inside because it was advertised as a light for a 2 X 4 space. The Reflector 192 is only slightly more dollars and advertised as a light for a 4 X 4 space. Would putting a the bigger light (reflector 192) in that small of a tent cause any harm to the 2 plants growing? I have always heard lots of light is a good thing. I plan to keep it the recommended height above plants so they don’t get burned. I plan to SCROG with 2 plants after i get the system set up. i just wondered if using a larger light might cause problems down the road or if anyone out there may have a set up like this and may want to comment. Thanks for your thoughts and advise from the experts and growers out there. Happy 4/20 to all!


Happy 420 @zerosyce
I run two 400 watt cob and a 1000w cob in my 4x4x7 tent and I’m thinking about adding some more lol
So to answer your question I think you’ll be ok in your tent with those lights
only thing I can see being a problem for you is hieght you’ll need to do a scrog or other type of training to keep hieght down a bit
Just saw that you plan to scrog good choice :v: