Getting a little crazy

since i live in ohio,im thiking of a tent, just for me, im looking at a costway 2x2x48 tent and a novavision led fl spec 3000 watt size is 10inx10inx2, want to grow 2 auto flower in a 6,8 in tall tote a the tent and lite are from walmart on line the price for both is only $77.oo so i aint getting to deep, what do yall think to start out. thanks to all

I feel the only need for a tent is if you’re concerned about smell otherwise two-way window fan and an LED light from Home Depot with some potting soil works just fine don’t spend a lot of money especially on autoflowering seeds cuz you can leave them in the window and they’re going to do what they want to do when they’re going to do it

If you’re planning to start this grow before the years end….why even bother buying a light? Especially if it’s an auto….I’d bet you could get it through the rest of August just on sunlight and the weather….and THEN get your light….this gives you more time to budget better for an overall better grow which will result in a better yield….unless this isn’t what you wanna do :grin::facepunch:t2: