Getting a few whitish tips is this ok?

I have a white widow auto in rdwc unit. Yesterday I noticed very slight tips color change then today this pic. Is this something to be concerned about? I did a water change 4 days ago but used same amount of nutrients as the previous week.

Rdwc system single plant
1200w burple kingplus led
Tent temp 78.12F
Tent RH 48.69
PH this morning was 6.2 when checked then adjusted to 5.8. I usually check ph atleast 3x’s a day
PPM 1175
Water temp 68.9F
Using GH maxi series nutrients/ ro water
Plant sprouted March 8
If I forgot anything I’m sorry please ask

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What is your water ppm with no nutes in it? I see RO water but I’m curious if it gets you to 0. 1175 PPMs is really high for hydro at this point in plant life. My base water PPMs are high and I would barely be over that high in late flower. So I’m guessing the tips are slightly burnt from nute burn. But honestly if your ppm meter is correct I’m shocked it’s not way worse.

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You got one of those temp meters to do u find them accurate I bought 2 and there way off

@DoobieNoobie my ro water just went down and checked a gallon I had sitting it read 12 ppm
I was going off the GH feed chart as far as ppm range. Should I not go off that?

@Lostscuba yes I have 5 for all my different plants. I’ve checked against my laser temp gun and within 1 degree of each other

Typically we tell most people that half strength is usually enough. But in hydro it’s lower still. Half strength would probably be fine though at the max. I do like to see a little tip burn but if it gets any worse you may want to change it out to a lower amount. I usually start around 400 ppm in the beginning and go up 100 ppm per week until I hit 1000. Then I stay there until switching to flower. In flower I only go up 50 or so ppm per week to about 1200 unless the plant looks hungry.

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Looks like it’s on the older growth. New growth looks good to me :wink::v::bear:

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@DoobieNoobie On my feed chart I was using roughly alittle over 1/2 strength on the maxigrow. 1/2 strength on rapid start, liquid koolbloom, floralicious plus. Approx 30 ml of cal mag, 12 ml armor si and 3 ml super thrive past 2 weeks

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Ok that sounds a little better knowing you’ve got additives in that number. But the main thing like Matt said is that the plant looks good. Those little tips being burnt just means your at the upper limit of what the plant can handle. If you see it get worse then you might need to lower it a touch. Otherwise keep on doing what you’re doing they look good.

I should add that’s the beauty of hydro. If it’s too high it’s simple to lower. If it looks hungry it’s easy to add more. Every plant is different.

Thanks again for all your help!

This is my first grow almost finished a few weeks to go thanks to the help of this site! 3 white widow autos


Nice they look great.

I know you are in dwc and im in soil but overall I think we had the same thing going on. I think the feed or water is to hot for them. My soil was a bit to much on my wwa and the tips started showing burnt tips.

The white tips could also be from moisture evaporation from the leaves if those leaves are near the light.

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@imsickkid not sure on the temp I believe I posted it at 68.9F and they say 68F is optimal water temp

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I meant hot as in the amount nutes in the water. Hot aka to much

What would you say when the plant overall is healthy and a great color but the serrated edges of the leaves are curling a bit?

@imSICKkid Pic? If it’s the tip that is brown it could be nute burn, but if it’s more white on leaf edges it most likely is fast evaporation desicating that portion of the leaf.

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@imsickkid lol I was talking to someone earlier about my digital water temp gauge. Mindset was still stuck there

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New and older growth. Nitrogen excess from ffof?