Getting a crash course in environmental controls

Is not always as it may seem.
Finally have the proper controller, 1-16" wall fan 6" Exhaust/5x5 room/growing autos in soil aiming for 74*- 50% humidity and the plants nhave just been watered to run off the nhumidity is climbing.
Dehumidifier to the rescue…for an hour…then its exhaust sent the temps to 81…nuh uh.
Humidity stuck on 60, coming into flower,I had to figure this out… I did.
Take the humidifier or in this case the dehumidifier out of the room and condition the air before nit gets to your room/tent/space.I put the dehumidifier where the air comes from and watched it drop like a stone in perfect alignment 1% at a time. These are run always here anyway.


This is best way. Wanted to ask what you’re trying to get environmentals to? 81f 60% rh sounds pretty good to me.


i suppose it would be for photos but everything I have read regarding Autos was 70*-75* and 45-55% humidity.
I’ve been rt @73.5* and 51% humidity most of the day.
Am I wrong?

i suppose it would be for photos but everything I have read regarding Autos was 70*-75* and 45-55% humidity.
I’ve been rt @73.5* and 51% humidity most of the day.
Am I wrong?

@DEEPDIVERDAVE ,here we are. This is my thread.We can carry on here with our discussion.

Now where were we???

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I think so. I’m not aware of any differences that would justify running different leaf surface temps or vpd on an auto.

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let me start by saying i have never had a leaf temperature lower than the air temp ,not one in the canopy anyway that i could access with “my frickin’ laser beam”.
so how is it so.
I mean I realize I’m not as cool as most but…
Air temps around 72* humidity 56%.
Leaf temp 77*-78*.
One possibility I would suppose would be my temperature probe for the fan control could possibly be out of calibration.
I say that as it was I that calibrated it…so for what ever jolt opf confidence you just experieded

Still learning how to calibrate all the different components.
Yesterday’s leaf temps higher than light temp. More equipment required to calibrate equipment under use. And of course, they don’t talk to each-other Plus sites require registration so they can sell more useless stuff. Admittedly, the new equipment is nice and should be better than a light bulb and dirt in the 70’s. Thanks for the invite to share. Grow is to be fun and easy.

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when you say leaf temps were higher than light temps,do you mean to say room temps?

@jorkvilleyoe From sharing on forum, I have had to learn (or experience):
Soil $25.00 FFOS,
PH, Multiple devices/pens/probes.
Lights Never enough and HLG scorpion Diablo in my Christmas dreams.
Seeds, need Harlequin @ 220.00 (OUCH, only need five).
Temperatures PNW cold spring. Tent stuck in 60-degree environment DAY and 50’s Night
Tent temp 50-85, so far
Best cycle days lights off, night lights on.
Vege tent (300watts/gets 24-hr lighting and grows better than Flower w/ 1700watts collectively(?) at 11.5 hours on time.
Calendar for outdoor seedlings
Air Flow engineering
Did I miss anything for where WE are at?
How you doing?

well,the vpd thing is but a dream and nothing more than something to shoot for with a system that is not closed.
on a small scale as we are,heat is our constant antagonist,and to reduce heat you must remove it,than your humidity goes also,you can never hit the good vpd unless you set your entire home to that temp. and humidity level.
brb ,gotta go see how they’re reacting to 78.5*/ 54% humidity.

This can vary some with type of light and other environmental controls are being used. Some lights going to throw a lot more heat at canopy than others. With leds i use you can almost visually identify plants slow down when canopy temps drop much below 80f.

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I can’t tell if my laser has LED interference.
I will need to test with LED lights turned off.

I notice slowdown myself. Sitting at 82-83 with big lights going. Inkbird set on 82. When i have dropped under 77 or so i see a slowdown.


So your saying leaf temps below 80 cause a slow down but @ what humidity level?
My canopy remains @ 76-78* while my air temps are 72-74* with 50-55% rh. And right now I have 78.5*/45% humidity and 82-83* leaf temps.
So regardless of room temp my leaf/canopy temps are always 3-4* higher than air temps.
I have tried dropping temps and dehumidifying to get back in lower vpd values to no avail.
I have let the temp rise within reason to 81* or so and leaf temps still are higher.
Would perhaps some defoliating help with interior circulation and leaf temps to attain a lower temp relative to air temps?The two girls in 5 gallon pots visually seem ok but the 3 gallon girls look droopy.
I did do some watering to runoff before the pots got light (only 2 days apart)so their going to get light for certain this time. 2 are definitely in early flower band the other two a few days behind usually.

That’s not really what i said. I don’t regularly monitor my leaf surface temperature. What i said is that when my canopy temps are below 80f my plants don’t produce new growth as fast. It’s just that i know the leaf surface temp is what is responsible. I typically try to run 80f and around 60% rh.

In short, it was just my opinion that 74f you posted above wasn’t really optimal in anything i’ve experienced. So you may be working unnecessarily hard to keep temps that low.

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my IR thermometer readings were unaffected by a switch from “View” mode to “Veg” spectrum I however did not try it with LIGHTS OUT, but why would you,does anyone?

you’re absolutely correct,I was trying the whole 74* as an attempt to get within favorable VPD ranges as it was not possible at higher temperatures.
It is not possible for me to do so at any temp.
So I will be switching to flower in a day or two.
I’ve but one thing yet to try,two actually and that will be a wrap.Backing off very slowly the spectrum intensity until leaf temps are lower than air temps check the DLI and adjust duration as necessary.
Also possibly raising the light to put the thermal heat coming off the rays in the path of the 2 16" oscillating fans.
Prolly pissing in the wind here…

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I don’t believe there is any harm in trying anything. You just don’t want to be stubborn and try and force things that clearly aren’t working either. There are enough differences from room to room and grow to grow that what is perfect for me may not work at all for you.

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@jorkvilleyoe My second AC Infinity T6-Fan arrived for install as an INTAKE, split for the two 4x4 tents (flower & veg). Exhaust out = T6 on one tent (hottest=flower), into attic (no carbon filter, yet).
Two 4-inch intakes from outside into Veg tent. Two 6-inch cross-overs between the tents. The AC Infinity Cloudline calibration procedure is a joke and I understand your frustration with environmental control and the balancing act required. The first ACIC required an independent source for calibrating the temp and RH. The cheap model does not talk to the ACIC (and requires or allows independent calibration). It took a few beers before I noticed one unit updates temp is 1 sec, RH updates can take up to ten seconds (for each increment). The unit used for standard setting takes its time (minute?)and holding my breath does not help. I set both controllers independently as currently, night temps keep flower tent under 85 at crown.
The second ACIC required a T6 fan connection for powering unit (second probe =2x2 frustration).
So I set both ACIC units and could not identically balance. Swapping probes between ACIC units narrowed the differences seen against each other and the Bluetooth temp/RH unit (GOVEE).
All was close, until I moved the probe height for RCH tuning. Probe was moved 2 inches, but cable was moved more into different routing. Bang. Both ACIC controllers went ballistic, opposite each other. My best guess is that i have an EMI issue generated from something in my system or my cable routing. ELECTRICITY (AC ripple or interference), fan motors, LEDs (2 VIPARS), one 90 watt and one Vivosun 2K/200 watt led. We don’t hear the FA-18G’s but you never know when they JAM. Currently I have 80.6 degrees, 37%RH and VPD 1.28kPa. I will sleep better knowing I have my system protected (independentlyx2) from high temperatures. I still gaze, but don’t need to go to the tent for viewing (love the Bluetooth stuff), but going crazy flipping between apps for updates (got to remember not to stress or hold my breath during the delay for updating). All is well and then one unit goes spacey and needs assistance. i got little hair on top and hate wearing eye shades so staying out of the tent is good.

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