Gettin' Chilly outside

Hey! Got an auto Berry about 2 Weeks into flowering. She’s in a 2gal pot outside so I can move her around. For the past month or so, we did’nt get much sun and temps outside is now around 40 at night to 60-65 in daytime. Would it be to stressful to get her in my garage under a lamp (12/12) to help her finish? Wouldn’t want her to turn hermie… Thanks!

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We recently brought a critical kush lady inside to flower in the tent. She seems to be doin just fine.
What lights would you use to flower her inside?

LED plus a regular thungsten to add red lightwaves. Need 5 to 6 weeks more !

That would be fine you won’t stress her by bringing her in and keeping her warmer just make sure you have a decent size lightvto finish her off and you’ll be fine no worries :wink: