Getfocsd & Get Growin with the Growmies


Did you get to explore this? Looks like some Game of Thrones type castle thing archers would be blasting you from lol. I’d of have to taken a peek myself lol. Hope y’all got everything you needed for the wrestling team!! Cool spot for an event.


Ur plants look amazing! Quick question if I’ve already Lst mine should I even bother with scrogging or is it pretty much pointless at this stage???

There she is at day 55 from sprout


Too late to scrog at this point but you can gently bend the main down to the same level as the other colas. Its early enough still to get an even canopy without much effort. Just dont break main stem. Bend it a little more each day until its even with the other colas.

You can use the scrog netting to hold ip the main colas if they become to heavy. The net works best during the vegitive state. You try and manipulate the branches so the canopy stays even and you can get light to the lower bud sites. I wouldn’t try bend that cola now its too far into flower to try and supercrop.

We did, it was part of a battle field from back in the day. You cant go inside but you can see from further back.


Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and good luck with everything!


Damn brother your girls are freaking gorgeous


Dang I can’t keep up lately!! Your sea is drowning my little gnomes AND me!! Awesome work outside too can definitely tell you been putting in that work!! Keep it up growmie!! :facepunch::facepunch:


Thanks growmies. Im definitely not looking forward to trim jail, but it is what it is. I think i might have recruited some help, my cousin is down with a broken leg, so he can help trim since all he has to do is sit. Well see how he does before i fire him. Lol