Getch357 First Grow Journal

You can first use the search feature for specific subjects. For example soils, nutrients, lighting, etc. If you can’t find any threads that address what you’re looking for then you can create a topic that you’re looking for answers to. Go to the right side of top of page and click on the three grey bars. Choose beginner’s category or possibly something that would indicate what you are looking for. Then choose the category that best reflects what you are looking for answers to. Choose new topic and create thread. It will show up as new topic. Many of the more experienced people will keep check on new topics and help out with questions. Sorry I haven’t been responding very quickly I’ve been busy with life and it’s been difficult to keep up with notifications.


@Bulldognuts hey all good here don’t worry i realize that life takes priority and everyone has been so helpful. I just hope all is good for you and Family is all and thanks for taking time to answer along with everyone else. A lot of great people here and very helpful.

@Covertgrower hello could you elaborate on something you said a few lines up about flushing: you said don’t forget to feed after flushing, do you mean immediately afterwards like as soon as flush runs thru? or did you mean to feed a few days later when she dries out (which is what i did last time.) I just want to ensure I’m doing it correctly and not causing her any issues because I’m making a mistake. please let me know as im planning flushing tomorrow night…thanks

Yes. I did.

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@Covertgrower O.k so that is definately another mistake i made last time i flushed i waited 3 days till she dried out…hmmmmm i wonder what that did :astonished: Thanks for the info so now i know :wink:

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@Covertgrower @Bulldognuts @Deepsix ok you all so i need some help again…so i harvested my girl a week ago today and ive been checking for the snap that says she is dry so i can trim her up a little and cut her up and put her in jars for curing the temperature stays in the 60’s but humidity has been in the low 70’s to 68ish she bends but doesnt snap its been a week the buds feel dry but no snap could it be the humidity? there is no mold ive been closely monitoring. should i add a small space heater to help dry her out? im not too sure but believe cause she is in a cement area that this is why humidity is still high its been cold here down in 50’s and even a lil lower so any suggestions? i know it can take up to 10 days but can it be more? am i missing something? should i add the low heat? or turn fan even lower? any help would be great…Thanks

I personally don’t want the stems to actually snap and break. In my opinion that’s to dry. The stem should bend and not completely snap like a twig would. If it bends and stays bent that’s what I judge as being dry enough. At that point I jar them and keep a close eye on them and burp jars several times a day. If I have large dense buds I will take lids off and lay jars on their sides for 10 minutes or so and then put lids back on.


Too add to what bulldognuts is saying, I think as long as you have a good air exchange in the room, even if the humidity is that high, it’s doing well for slow drying.

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@Bulldognuts @Covertgrower @Deepsix ok you all so i have been checking my drying and the stems do stay bent i took out 1 of the medium buds and the leafs that were on it crumbled and fell off when touched. (1 thing i really need is a good video of how to properly wet trim and then cut up buds if anyone could post ) i think she is almost ready to be cut up and cured. so do u take off any pieces of leaf that are left? i remember as a kid that we smoked the leaf too…now remember i am not a smoker doing this for someone else but any info you all could provide especially wet trimming and then curing cutting up buds etc would be great.

Trim the leaves, save the flowers. I’ll have look for a trimming video.

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@Covertgrower so i have seen and watched a few youtube videos and they say how to do it but never really show how. Ive never done it and figure to trim off leafs but again ive watched some that say to leave leaves and sticks or small stems on for curing better?? that there is still small parts of water and will help cure slower. but then some say to trim off all excess and cut buds small and no bud should be bigger than 3" so its a lil confusing to say the least :astonished: also any suggestions on trimming scissors? i have the ones that came with tent but im unsure how good they are.

The way I do it, is essentially trim the flowers so no sugar leaves stick out, and follow the profile of the flower.
I’ll even go underneath each flower and trim the sugar leaf off the best I can. Leaves make it harsh to consume. It’s the chlorophyll.


@Covertgrower so should i try to keep buds intact or should i make them smaller so they cure better? and do i trim the buds off the stem by that i mean lets say you have 1 long stem with a few buds on it do i just cut the bud at the small stick that connects to the big stem?

If it’s over 60% RH, you can separate the flowers, or leave them on. If it’s less than that, I would recommend leaving the stems on slow they dry slowly.


thanks for all the help. I am still trying to find a good video of the wet/dry trim oh ya scissor hash can u put it in tin Foilb and save? will that work?

I’m not as technically savvy as some other growers. I should probably upload one. I just despise YouTube, because of their suppression of some viewpoints.

Make sure you dry the hash.


ya I agree with you there but all that i see never really shows the actual trim…they talk about it and show like snip-its but not what to do start to finish…maybe a good idea for yourself or someone who has done it enough to show us newbies how its done :wink:

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so just put onto foilb and leave it exposed to the air for awhile?

The trim and hash? Yes. Let it dry just like the flowers.

@Covertgrower @Bulldognuts @Deepsix o.k so now onto my #2 she is coming up on 9 weeks Thursday. as you all know she had a ph,and cal mag deficiency which i discovered about 2 weeks ago i have taken corrective measure will do a runoff tomorrow night but she has a lot of affected leafs… .ive read that you shouldn’t prune after flowering starts which she is almost done. do i cut off all affected leafs to let smaller buds below get light and try to get her to fatten up or leave them on and wait and see? the problem is i can not tell if she is getting better because of all affected leafs…what are you all recommendations and also buds arent really getting as fat as i would like do i stop grow big and just give her cal.mag and tiger bloom for the next 2 weeks? please helllllllpppppp :smiley: :cowboy_hat_face: