Getch357 2nd grow journal

@Covertgrower @NeoGroR @dbrn32 @Caligurl @Bulldognuts @kdawg and anyone following…its been a few weeks since updating these girls are looking great i need to lolipop them soon to get rid of old leafs and get ready for the harvest in about a month and a half. here are a few pics from the girls at exacly 11 weeks old


Very nice!


Great work!

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yep…now i got to do is lolipop them and grow the buds each plant is almost 36" and one in the back is as wide as a bush outside the house…hoping for a great harvest then a break for a few months :woozy_face: benn sick lately and need some time off it was hard some days just watering them :mask:


Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. It would make me sad not to be able to go tend to my plants. A break is probably good… plus looks like you’ll have enough weed for a while :wink:

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