Get your seeds from ILGM ONLY Lol

I got my blue dream seeds within ten days. I put them in the water the cracked in 20 hours. I tried some other seed places they would always give free ones no mater what you ordered. Sadly none would ever crack. Lost a lot of time and money.My blue dream is up I mixed some Fox farm Grow big in some old dirt Fox farm it was siting out so I PH the water 65 they were up in 24. WOW Thanks ILGM


I am also growing blue dream from ilgm .

I am 4 weeks from seed cracking. I plan to veg them until the 4th when I get back from vacation. Y

I have been very pleased with the customer service to address non-hatching seeds. The friendly fast customer service keeps me coming back.
Delivery time is blazing fast.

AND…the quality of the seeds is the best I found in 30+ yrs of growing. Healthy and mostly viable …and good growing.

MEBE HAPPY CAMPER…:cowboy_hat_face::sunglasses::face_with_monocle::nerd_face::heart_eyes::vulcan_salute::v:


how long are you going to veg?

Contact customer service they are pretty good,
Next lot try a little sand paper along the edges of the seed I had to do this with my auto flower seeds they were hard to germinate

6 weeks is my goal

Ok I am with you. I will send pics in 6 weeks. I have 8 strong plants 2 are week. Want to make sure they are big when I put them in bloom

Heck yea ! I am so close . I am expecting a big increase in growth over next two weeks