Get more dense buds


A question from a fellow grower:

II have growing 20 auto plants 20 hours of light and 4 h dark period at all.Growth period is 85 days.I’m on day 70.
Humidity of 33 percent. Temperature 27.growing in soil. 600 sodium lamps.But the tops are not dense enough.
Do condensation rate is high in the last 2 weeks?Should I use chicken manure for dense flower?
condensation rate is high in the last 2 weeks?my fertlizing 6-4-5 (2cc/lit)+ pk 48-24(2cc/litr) 600 cc per plant every 48 hours.


Your humidity level is low. Should be around 40% or a little higher. How big is you grow space? Is it enclosed?

If you have an open area with a 600 watt lamp over your grow, but no reflective material bouncing the reflection of all the light back an \d forth, then you lose a lot of light intensity, resulting in less dense buds. Perhaps :slight_smile: