Gertie's Adventure White Widow Autoflower

This is Gertie my very first grow. She has been an amazing project for me. I have done so many things wrong along the way. I was told many times in the beginning from many different forums to trash her and start over!

I am happy to say I did not trash her. I worked with her daily until we reached out success.

Never give up!

My question today is about her trichomes. She developed the first trichomes, clear, 3 weeks ago. They are now very milky and have been for over a week. How long does it take for them to turn amber, what lighting schedule should be on? I have already flushed her and she is only getting ph’d water every 2-3 days.

Refer to pictures for trichomes.
Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance.


Welcome to the community, I could’nt really get a good look at the trichomes but If you’re around 90% milky and see about 10% amber, it’s time to harvest.

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What do you think this is my first time with ww autos

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You picked a great strain auto or photo, I’ve had success with both. She is frosting up nicely. Is she still covered in white hair? Hard to tell the overall in the single pics. Those hairs will recede back into the bud and turn brown, she’ll start to fatten up nicely. Zoom in on the bud and not the leaves, look for milky and hints of amber. You’re doing great Bro :love_you_gesture:

Awesome to hear and 1 of them almost all the hairs were brown then a bunch of white hairs came back does that mean it went back into veg the other 3 are mostly brown

How can you not get a good look? Just enlarge it with your fingers. They are all over each bud. No amber ones that I can see.

I think this has nothing to do with the questions I asked. You can start your own thread for answers to your questions. Please do not use mine. Thanks

Everyone calm down. As for seeing the trics, a scope is needed. You can zoom in and really see them. While I can zoom in on the pic, it doesn’t give the LOOK needed to evaluate.


Do you have a scope or jewellers loupe? Zone in on the bud. Not the sugar leaves. That’s where you’ll find what you’re looking for. They look really nice! WW is definitely one of my favorite!

I’m out, this a friendly community and trying to help you. You zoom in your pics and tell if you can see them are clearly. Do what you want it’s your plants. And as @TEGRITY said calm down, we get peeps chiming in all the time, it’s how you learn. They could have asked one of your future questions. @Josh1 tag me @Ghobbs82 on a separate post and I’ll help as much as I can.


Hold up guys you must have read my comments with your own tone. I wasn’t being mean, rude, or anything else. I am just trying to find an answer to my question. Which once again, where are the amber trichomes? What lighting schedule should I be on? Do I continue with nutes or just ph’d water?

If you are going to be this sensitive maybe you shouldn’t try to help people.

Took pictures with a magnifying glass. Still not sure if there is any amber.