Germination with auto flowers

I got some northern lights autos and I’m having a hard time getting them to sprout. I leave them I’m water for 24 hrs and the water is right. Then I do paper towel If no tap root in glass. Still after another 16 to 18 hrs in paper towel nothing. I have them in a warm dark place. This is my first time with autos. Am I doing something wrong or did I get duds. I’ve never had this problem with any other seeds. Ice already wasted 1 of the 10 the second is in the pot for pot soil. That will be 2 lost if it dont come through by tomorrow. Can someone please help

Might wanna put them back in water til they sprout.

Gonna try! Got 8 more so hope I have nothing but luck from here on out

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I had some northern lights auto seeds. Couldn’t get those suckers to sprout either. All 3 junk.

Got them as freebies, so I couldn’t complain too much. Still…:-1:

That’s one thing about buying from ILGM. They will replace duds. As opposed to other sources that state they won’t even respond if you mention germinating or trying to grow their seeds.

Don’t toss the wet seeds. Throw them in some dirt. Maybe they’ll come around

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Just started growing. Put 10 photos GL and 20 GG autos in water on the 28th. If counting hours, all GL had tails less that 2 days. Took 12 of the autos out of the glass and in dirt yesterday the 1st. Put the other 8 on paper towels and plate last night got another 7 now. Not much experience but so far, the auto’s took much longer.

Yea I found out with autos it takes a little longer. Gotta work on my patience. Now I have 2 doing great although the first 1 was a dud