Germination unsuccessful

New to growing not having any success with germinating my seeds. currently placed 4 seeds in water NOTHINGS (it’s day 3) happened ? Am I to leave the seeds in water until the tail is out 1/2 in OR wait til it crack open then plant ? So very confused???

Few different methods from what I see. Here is my routine and has worked well. Place seeds in water in warm dark place for 24hrs. Cracked or not (usually a few do) after 24hrs remove seeds and place between damp paper towels, between 2 plates. Make sure paper towel is folded onto the plate with no light getting in. Place in warm area and check again in another 24hrs.


Next time make a tube out of sand paper( rough side in ) place your thumb over the bottom hole , drop the seeds in cover the top hole with your index finger and give it a 30-60 second shake. It scuffs the shell and helps water penetrate the husk when you soak them


Was going to mention that myself. You can also lightly drag a seed down a fingernail board (emory board). I also use distilled water and add 1/2 tsp of 3% peroxide which helps soften the husk, add O to the water and maintain sterile environment. Warm dim location and refresh peroxide daily. I go right into coco or Promix as soon as seed cracks.

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I suggest to keep it simple:

Soak the seeds overnight in a glass of filtered tap water.
Put them directly into the seedling medium.
Use a humidity dome and a seedling mat along with a seedling tray to move things along.

Put that tray near a south facing window. Spritz was the dome with water once a day if there’s no condensation on the inside of the dome.

They should sprout quickly.

P.s There are many tricks to coax seeds along. But if these are fresh ILGM seeds, it’s probably something odd that you’re doing. Warmth, moisture (not a biblical flood), and room to grow are all they need.

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