Germination trouble?

I am trying to germinate some ILGM LSD Autoflower.

Put the seeds into Fox Farm soil in small cups this past Sunday. Misted the soil with a spray bottle and put a smsll plastic bag over each to create a little greenhouse effect. Put them under the grow lights.

So far nothing.

Before with Photo seeds they came up in only 2-3 days.

Do Auto require something different?

If this isn’t right any advice for retrieving the seeds and trying something different?



Nope. Seeds are seeds. I’ve had seeds that have taken 8 to 10 0days to come up. Have patience.


Should be the same for auto and photo seeds, but some times it just takes a while for them to break ground.

At a week, I would take my tweezers or something pointy and VERY slow and gently start uncovering the seed. If i see any site of a white tap root, i stop, cover it back up and wait.
If i fully uncover it and it hasn’t even popped open after a week, then I’d called it trash. :confused:


Can take a bit of time.


Thanks all.

The way I like to germinate seeds is the way someone showed me on here.
Make sure the water pH is well couple of driplets of hydro peroxide in a 1 1/2 Rubbermaid with the seal cap. I did six seeds three different rubbermaids. Would I read the hydroperoxide help soften the shell and produced little rat tails. Then just this morning I just transplanted them into a fox farm soil concoction.
I would highly suggest next time try just the water method once you see rat tails in about 48 hours use a spoon and gently put them in a finger hole in the soil and gently put some soil and water throw it in your tent. That’s at least what I did. My success rate with ILGM seed so far for germination 16 for 16. Hope this helps

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Maybe it’s cooler this time around then when you germd the others.


Make sure the soil is warm enough. I use a seedling mat when necessary in my cool basement.


This what i was thinking. I also pregerminate, so not familiar with the plant and pray timeline.

Warm and wet and they will usually pop within 2-5 days.


lmao, I do see a lot of this and now it has a name :metal: