Germination trouble

I got 5 OG kush seeds a week ago and 1 has been in a container of water since this morning… haven’t seen any changes or a tail pop out.
Have I waited long enough? when should I see the initial root?
Anything I can do to speed up the process?

Some take 3-5 days to come out of the shell.


To up your success rate soak with water with a 15% hydrogen pyroxide solution in it for 12 hours then fold them in a moist paper towel ziplock it and put in total darkness for 24 hours


I put it in a container with paper towel over night this morning shes just starting to crack open. I will check again tomorrow.

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48 hours max after that if still no root try the paper towel method otherwise seeds will rot

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I literally just transplated it to rockwool cubes with clay pellets 2 mins ago. Its in a humidity dome under a light.


Germinating seeds is the first patience test. Many more lie ahead of you.


I can already tell the biggest one will come near the end of flower I’ll probably be checking the trichs everyday proverbially gnawing at the bit

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9-10 weeks into flower i plan to harvest.

Plans all depend on the trichs my girls had a slow start so they’ll probably veg extra long to compensate , you super dont wanna harvest early especially if your going for pain killing effect

Ain’t this the truth!! Next thing you know your ordering more and more and then you have way too many to keep up with!!

when do you harvest. OG is a hybrid 25 sativa / 75 indica


When theres 20% amber 80% milky trichomes on all bud sites for a balanced effect leaning towards a sativa high, though since im growing multiple zkittlez I might harvest one slightly early for pure milky sativa high as a test

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I keep seeing this but I never seen it qualified within the genetics. Like if I pull my haze with 50% amber it’s going to be more of a couchlock feel within the realm of sativa highs right? As opposed to me pulling my kush at 50% amber now I’m in the deeper couch lock of the indica spectrum right? The genetics still have to matter it can’t be just about trich development right?

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Yup that’s how I see it there are the genetic line effect and then theres the trichome ripeness effects and depending on the genetics they can double down on certain effects

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I want to try zkittlez and gorilla glue next.
do you eye ball it or use a magnifier.


Yup most of get a 12$ jeweler’s loupe with lights

Yeah - that is how I ended up with 9 seedlings and a 3x3. Not a good match. 5 grew out on the floor, bought a couple extra lights. It worked out but quite the cluster for a first grow.

it says i need distilled water to calibrate my pH pen does it matter if its tap water vs distilled water. anyone know?

Yes distilled has nothing in it and I assume it needs that to reset the probe (and it’s reliable 5.8)