Germination to Peat Pots to?

I have a few questions regarding the process of seeds to plants. I am germinating indoors in damp paper towels and that works well. First question is how long should the tail be putting in soil? I think perhaps I wait too long; the tails on my seeds are about 2".

I was planning on putting germinated seeds into 2" peat pots and put the pots outdoors. I live in Southern California and we have full sun every day and daytime temps 75-85 and night 60-70. My second question is this a correct practice to put them outside in the environment. My next question is when should I start using liquid fertilizer? I read from the very start to a few weeks later?

Once they establish I was going to replant maybe 6 of the best plants in 2 gallon pots and discard the others. Once they reached about 12-15" I was going to replant the best 3 plants in 30 gallon pots. I was going to leave the remaining in the 2 gallon pots. Will a 2 gallon pot be sufficient to bring them to flower?



I would shy away from peat pots or pellets go with a solo cup roots have a hard time pushing threw peat pots


For me 1/4" tail is just right

2 inch tail you should put them into cups right away if your going to put them outside don’t put them in direct sun use a humidity dome for the first couple weeks as far as feeding them that depend on the medium your using fox farms, Coast of Maine and roots products have enough nutes for 4 to 6 weeks just water and go stay clear of miracle grow the 2 gallon pots you could flower in them but don’t expect much and you would have water them a lot if you have room in the yard just put them in the ground

I am in Cali,but closer to SF.
I have reached the same dilemma. Some of my girls are directly into the ground,some I have going through a rapid rooter peat plug. I do not have the best answer for you,I apologize. But I wanted to let you know I also have a struggle trying to figure out best way. Yes I start indoors,and then place directly outside. If my grow op wasn’t labeled THUNDERDOME, I would be more careful. (I can hear Tina Turner yelling it- tickles me everytime)
As soon as I see taproot, I plant directly into no till 25gallon radicle bags. I have a few black net pots that I am slowly transitioning out of (15 and 20 gallon).
I do not use any liquid fertilizer. Maybe that is a problem? I utilize AACT tea ,but this season I am holding off… Either way, between no till that is top dressed with Build a soil craft blend,I am doing ok. I have ladies going right now,but yes,I have lost some to numerous reasons- squirrels,birds,and heat.
I used to transplant,but now I plant directly into my finishing pots. I save whatever shock there is into the topping process.
Oh,and 2gallon is too small,IMHO. Even the second string ladies should get 15 gallons.
Best of luck!
SL out.


Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I lost 12 germinated seeds a few days ago. I planted them into 2" peat pot and set outside. I went away for 1 day and came back to 14 dead plants. I think it was a combination of heat and drying out. This past week we are having full sun and 85 degree days. I’m wondering if this is a bit much for a new plant. I wish I knew because I’m now germinating my last 8 seeds and don’t want another total failure.

Using a clear plastic cup or a sandwich bag over your cup will hold in the moisture and keep up the the humidity spray soil and inside of the cup cup with a spray bottle when the soil looks dry

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Right on, appreciate the method. :+1:
Unfortunately I have a$$hole critters around here. They would knock the cup over and then give me the “finger.”
Then laugh at me.


SL out.

get a shotgun that will take of the little bastards

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I cover mine with gallon milk jugs, push them down and pack some dirt around them

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