Germination Tips

So i have been struggling these last few weeks with my first few attempts and I think I have found a system to germinate that works (for me at least). Its a slight modification to the water cup method. Your still going to let them soak but a few things first.

Lightly sand the SPINE of the seed where the split will occur. I have tried sanding different parts of the seed and found the spine of it has been spot on each time.

When your soaking, change the water twice daily. I even transfer (gently) the seed to another cup, wash out the germination cup and put it back with fresh water.

And finally I keep the cups on the heat pad under a propagation dome I spray painted black so no light comes through.

I thought Id share these in case anyone else was struggling with getting the seeds to pop. Now a bad seed is a bad seed regardless but these tips will give you a better chance at success. Best of luck and happy growing.