Germination Time for Sour D Auto

Hey Cool Cats and Kittens!

I put these Sour D seeds in Rapid Rooter plugs Saturday night and moistened them with some Ph 6.1 water. It had been 4 days and no signs of life. I used the exact same method for me first grow back in September with Northern Lights Auto and 3 of 4 had sprouted by day 5. Am I too impatient?

I put mine a water bottle with water in a dark place 4 24 hrs then into damp paper towel on a plate inside a plastic bag in a dark place usually have tails the next day. You must have patience growing weed give them a few more days

I over watered the first batch.

Here is on of two I planted just a couple of days ago. Seems like a healthy little girl! Papa is certainly proud