Germination Time For AutoFlower

This is my first season with autoflowers, in this case Zkittlez AutoFlower. Does it take longer to sprout than non-autoflower strains? I have 4 misc ‘regular’ strains that all germinated in 3 days. The Z-Auto is on day 6 without a sprout. Am I lacking patience?

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My Autos usually pop in a day or two, and I have done a wide variety of them. Never have done that strain though…


I’m running a Zkittlez that popped in a day, sprouted in a day. Began flower at around day 24. I thought everything happened fast.

Day 24 from seed? Wow. How late did you cut?

Day 24 from ground break. No cuts yet, she’s probably got 4 weeks or so left. Stalky and fat, I’m looking forward to what the next few weeks do to her.


Ive has a few zkit autos take a while to start. Do u use a heating pad or a heat mat for seeds. Helps ou t tremendous. Also a cap full of peroxide in a zshotglass of eater works great and dont let paper towels dry out

Its the morning of Day 7 and one has sprouted. Don’t know if I’m brave enough to use a heating pad, but I’ll put the paper towel packet in a sunny windowsill and see what happens. Looking forward to the AutoFlower experience.

All depends on how you germinate cuz I germinate 2 sour diesel auto just on glass of water and take 5days to germinate 1/2 tail but I read and I use on day 2 you can add h2o2 to the water and is help you seed if they re old

Wow. Hydrogen Peroxide? Forgive the inherent geek within, but how does an extra oxygen atom make a difference? I’ve heard never use distilled water in the germination process and don’t use nutes in the sprouting process, but nothing about h2o2. Please enlighten me.

My Autos pop within 2 to 3 days in soil. Also…if the seeds is soaking for to long, the seeds will become mush. :pensive::pensive::pensive:

@WildBill7 I use and help the shields to open fastest

@MrPeat is a lot of germination ways but u never know if u seed re old they take more days to get tail out

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I am using seeds 3 years old with no issues getting tap roots. I think I have stumbled on a way to increase your odds. Mine only die due to soils being to hot for them. Germinating is 100%.

I will be running a 3rd attempt on my new germinating method. :+1::+1::+1: