Germination Temp

Hey hey! I am new in town. I initially tried the recommended way of soaking the seeds in water for 24 hours with no luck. For this batch I am using rockwool to germinate. I soaked the rockwool in 5.5 pH water and initially had them in a dome with a T5 light in my garage but the temp was above 95 F and humidity was close to 100 F as well. Brought dome in the house and temp is consistently 74 with humidity of 84. But while in the house the rockwool is cool to the touch. I have a heat mat, which I used in the garage but seemed way too hot. I haven’t used the heat mat in the house. Any recommendations?

Heat mats are typically only used in an area like a cooler basement. When used indoors, I separated mine with a piece of cardboard to insulate the seeds/sprouts from so much heat. Especially just in a ziplock bag.
The ideal temperature for sprouting is 75-80°

Welcome! Once you get those sprouted we would love to to follow along!
Happy growing :seedling: