Germination Station Sprouted seeds

Should I put these under light, I just put sprouted seeds in Rapid Rooters, they are on a heat mat?

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Yes. 24/0 of something that won’t fry em. Be cautious with the water and I would simply mist the inside of the dome as needed with distilled water.

The stats say they don’t need light At this stage but I have my ceilings with the light about 4 foot high above them thousand watt LED and they love it took them out of the humidity controlled dome In there they just grew up super week when I took them out and put them in less humidity they Shriveled up In my opinion this is working much better

But technically all they need is heat and humidity

I’d be cautious with 24 hours of light the marijuana grow Bible says 18 six at night Tops grow more Day time is more root Grow