Germination seeds

How much water should a day seed get? A shot glass or more

Do what? Did you try to germinate by just dropping in the soil.

No in paper towel just dropped it in dirt. Gave it a shot glass of water. Does it need more?

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Oh OK I use a spray bottle 2 spays on the plants base or a above where you planted the tap root. I use a dome so I spray it twice too. I do that once in the morning and again at night for first 2 to 3 weeks. See the moisture ring.

Ok got it. Thanks

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No problem

Seedlings don’t need more than 5ml at first. You want to avoid the base as it can rot the stem. You want it in a spiral pattern away from the seedling.

This forces the plant to establish good roots spread out and this gives the plant more strength.

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I understand that

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Get yourself a cheap 10ml syringe at the local drug store heck pick up 2 or 3 cuz the numbers wear off. They are awesome for watering seedlings in soil.

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Diabetic needles work great as well. Should be accurate because it can literally kill you if off. :+1:

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It doesnt need to do more than give a general idea of the amount to apply, lol :laughing: you arent gonna feed a plant insulin are you?

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I only get insulin if I am in hospital. So no on both accounts. :crazy_face:

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Updated pics! How are they doing? The one little one scare me.

They look good. The ph of my soil is 7.3. How do I get it down?

8 days in. How does she look. Tropical storm tomorrow should I bring her in

You can use distilled vinegar or buy ph down. I’m going using vinegar as the store was out of ph down.

Yes bring it inside. if you can a safe place outside where no wind or water can really mess with it even better. I live in the Midwest so lots of afternoon storms even storms overnight so these first 2 weeks watch the elements. I’m moving mine into shade around 12pm -2 pm giving more midday sun each day. Its 100 with the heat index here so don’t want to murder them in he sun.

Post a pic of yours. If you did I can’t see it.

Not sure how to post a pic. I thought I followed the directions but nothing.

When you type a message. the key located on the top header it’s the 7th icon. Click it and take a pic or upload.

I can’t upload a pic