Germination - Seed Variation Times - What is the range of time? AK47 Auto - DAY 8

  1. Do different strains have different germination time lines?

  2. What is the actual range for germination.
    a- What is the Shortest time to expect germination?
    b-What is the longest time to wait for germination?
    c- When do you decide this seed is a dud?

  3. Do Auto Flowering seeds germinate at a different rate time?
    My AK47 Auto Flowers on day 8 - no sign of sprouting.


Strain: 2 seeds of ILGM’s AK47 Auto Flowering seeds

Soaked in water for 24 hours. Friday Sept. 22
Placed in glass with damp paper towel Saturday Sept 23
Today, Friday Sept. 29 No sign of germination. 8th Day.


Warm room with NO direct sunlight.

Temps; Day 80, Night 68-70

Humidity; Day, Night 30%

Ventilation system. Open windows

The paper towel and seeds have been kept damp 100% for the last 8 days.
It never dried out.
Day 8 and no signs of either seed sprouting.


I would take them out of the glass. Give them another 12-24 hour soak. Then moisten a paper towel, put the seeds on it, an fold it over to cover seeds. Put on a plate and set in a warm, dark place.

I haven’t seen it done quite the way the picture shows, not sure if the light is good for them, I know the roots don’t like light…

Hopefully others will join in with their thoughts…


Thank you! The hubby has been germinating his seeds in the glass with wet paper towel like shown in this photo for years. I was following his drift, since I am the beginner.
Think he likes to be able to see them while they are in the damp paper towel.
These seeds are on 8th day, seems a bit long.

I will soak them again as you suggest and put in dark with damp paper towel.

I have Never done auto flowering seeds or auto flowering plants before.
These are AK47 Auto from ILGM. @Laurap

Are there different germination time lines for auto flowering seeds?
What is the longest time for a seed to sprout?
What time limit do I give them… aka when do you know the seed is a dud?


Well if he has done them that way, I can not argue with success. I had just not seen it that way.

Auto seeds are no different than regular. I haven’t grown ak47 yet, but I know @Laurap and @BIGE has, maybe they can share how long theirs took. I am not sure when the “give up” point is, luckily I haven’t had to yet…

Also, here is a link with different methods of germinating, worth a read …


Thank you very much!


My first grow were Ak47 & Amnesia haze photos. I’ve never grown autos so sorry , I think it’s 8-10 weeks. I’ve always dropped beans into h20, wait to sink & open up with what I call tails then I put in pods with dome to sprout. The beans I just germinated popped one after 3 days, then one on 4th day, then 6th day another sprout but have one that’s never popped. I’m giving her 14 days from time I put her into pods.
If I understand however they never opened in H20?
Robert has a 100% guarantee, I think you have to go to support administration, not sure, hope it doesn’t go that far & you’re successful.
Warning: when Ak47 is first harvested I tastes like azz! It is a very sticky high thc strain but it must be cured to improve taste. It’s been 20 days since harvest & taste is mellowing out. Hope this helps.


I don’t wait for the seeds to “tail”. I soak them overnight, and then drop them into the grow soil about an inch and half down. I put light very close to the soil, and they pop out on the third day. One seed took until day 4 to really show her head. I have only germinated a few seeds, but this way seems to work good for me.


@Tr33 Well, everyone has their own way to germinate their seeds and most seem to work quite well. Never seen the way this guy has done, but others use it so… One thing I might suggest is to add some peroxide to the water. Store bought kind, .2 percent. Anyway, it will provide oxygen. You can add up to a 50/50 ratio of that type of peroxide and water. The added oxygen and the critter killing capagilities of the peroxide will help.