Germination questions

Questions from a fellow grower:

I have a question about the germination guide i was sent.

It seems i don’t have a light bulb for germination could i put them outside and get the same results?

If I were to buy a light and use this method would the light be on 24/7 ?

You don’t need a light for germination. You can use one, but it is not necessary. Once seed is popped; What did you plan on using for light?

No reason you cannot use the Sun. you must monitor the young sprouts, make sure they are kept as cool as possible, and maybe take then in and out of the Sun.

Never grow MMJ under 24/7 MJ plants are like humans. They require the same nutrients to thrive; They require rest in order to achieve their fullest potential. Anyone tells you different…Well Mama, said “…”