Germination question,...soaking

so… I read the pdf on germination… when you soak the seeds for 24 hours,… should they sink? If they do not sink should they be soaked longer? Is distilled water okay for soaking?

Push them down after a few hours. If they don’t sink try it until they do. I use distilled only and I have 90% success.

Sometimes they sink sometimes no. I soak for 24 hours then move to wet paper towel in a ziploc. Sometimes after 24hours in shotglass they are still floating but a light poke sends them down. Maybe surface tension or something idk I went to public school. Lol :joy:


noticed they were sitting lower… one bump with a finger sent them to the bottom… makes me feel better… 24 hrs is up in 40 minutes, lol.


I just fold up 3 paper towels put seeds in them and soak with water. I’m 12 for 12 that way


thanks fellas,… now,… soil prep…

I mixed FFOF with about 25% additional perlite…for about 10" deep…then mixed FFOF 50/50 with MG Moisture control and added perlite again for the top 2-2 1/2 inches…

the soil overall is pretty dry as I did not spray it down as I mixed it… should I have added moisture as I was mixing it?
it really seems too dry for a seed,…and it does not seem like four or five squirts with a spray bottle is going to add sufficient moisture to even get to the seed… let alone keep it moist…

I water soil before planting seeds then I spray and maintain.

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Why use mg with ff?

I used the 50/50 mixture the top couple of inches because I had heard FFOF can be rough on seedlings at times and I wanted to cool the mix for the first few days of growth… not sure if it really had any affect but my girls sprouted and grew great with what I did…but I aint beyond admitting they may have done the same with straight FFOF as well.

I put some clones directly into Ocean forest and they are in beast mode. This “hot” thing isn’t an issue. Fox Farm makes it easy.

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