Germination problems


Hi there folks, I would like to thank you for your assistance in getting set up today I’m sorry I didn’t get to you in this way sooner, but better late than never :slightly_smiling_face:,. Today I am wondering it someone mite be able to help me out in anyway, I am currently into my second grow one off my lady’s from the start had shown me that something was not right I think maybe she got some fungicide or mold during Germination she started with two other sisters and they are just looking so well I treated the 3rd lady as quickly as possible and use your plant care free download to assist me which seem to work for me, what her symptoms was that as she spouted I noticed some brown spotting on her second set of leaves and as I mentioned I treated her, but with BioNova products and it seemed to work for me but, she has really grown up in a strange way there a no more sings off spotting but she is growing strange her leaves are culling and as she is an Autoflower her two sisters are fine and look great, if there is anything you can help me with in this situation I will be very grateful looking forward to hearing from you, thanks again for everything as your FREE downloads have really helped
for me she would probably be gone already I hope to make more contact with you soon. Thank you again for your time and assistance so far.


Pics help…


Yeah sorry about that just still learning to do it and I will post thank you for your reply