Germination problems in grow room 80% fail. What to improve?

I pop my seeds in a shot glass with ph water of 5-6. Place them in a dark area with temps between 50-60 F. Once the root pops out with a little tail… I place them in a cup 1\2 inch deep in my medium. I will then place a few quarters on top of the soil for a few days to stop the seed from popping up… This strengthens the tap root of the seedling and will help prevent stretch…

Seriously, I see a few things that could change right there. I have the best success with straight filtered tap water at about 7 ph in a wineglass for about 24 hours maybe more? Ince the tail is confirmed I plant it tail down in damp but compressed soiless mix. It goes I to my grow room and sits at 80 degrees f spritz it once a day until she pops up. I see no need for the coin. As long as the light is right she won’t bolt.

Ive popped seeds in the refrigerator… Bacteria thrives at 78 degree’s… That why ph and temps are important at any stage of growth… As far as the coin on the soil… Its a proven practice used in micro gardening…

You want the method true professionals use?

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Man that is over complicated! And a step in the process is out of sequence. Im sure it would improve germination rates for really old seeds but young healthy ones should not need this much work. Realistically, if you were getting 85 percent maybe 90 percent germination rate with fresh seed and you gained what 5 percent using this method? Would it be worth the trouble? And the expense? Probably not…
I think this method would be great for really old seed because they sometimes take 10 days or more to crack! The likelyhood is that by day 10 you will have mold spores beginning to form. This method would prevent that from happening.

Yeah, I’m just pointing out that people seem to complicate the germination process.

Soak seeds for 48hr.
Plant in germination dome, because that’s what they are for, while keeping it warm be it in a warm spot or you need a heating pad that’s your choice.

The key is to soak seeds
Keep them warm and the humidity high while not drowning them.
This whole paper towel method is just more touching and thus more stress imo.


I think the paper towel method is ok ish, it seems more like a lookie loo thing. Mostly impatient folks want to see the tail before they plant. Then there is some assurance a plant will form.

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Lol yeah but peaking and playing with it is just more touching, human intervention is not always good. And roots don’t like light or to be exposed/touched.
While I get it, i personally love the jiffy puck and starter dome method.
But whatever works for each person right.

Agreed, the best weed Ive grown was direct to soil with no pre soaking. Just soil, seed and water.

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Lol right? The best weed I’ve grown I didn’t know wtf i was doing… Omg I wish I cloned it.
The one thst got away!


Yeah exactly! Clones are not a great idea for me because I need to keep them alive all winter to plant out in the spring. Unless I stumble across a plant that is mind boggling good I would prefer to breed for seed then I get variety and perpetuate a particular strain? At least thats the plan anyway. I know I can keep 1 or 2 indoors but thats my limit due to food crops I grow. So it would need to be spectacular dope!

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I dropped 24 ilgm seeds in 3 glasses of r/o ph water. Within 24-36 hrs they all shot tails out. I placed them in my ph rockwool cubes and put in dome with heat mat…see pic. Kept them for n the dark until they sprouted. Just lightly mist with r/o ph water and set under light.

17 days later…I’m doing dwc.

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I have the same issue with seeds I bought in august. They did not grow.

What are you growing those in?

Same issue here. I bought twice from here. Third batch. . Seeds germinate but then slowing grows . They been the same size . For 5 weeks

I been growing since 1995.
On and off.
Soil. Medium.
These seeds are my third batch .
The first two batches . No issues with germination and vegetation.

I did and was questioned . I sent photos. I am not a novice grower. I have grown 100’s of plants in my lifetime.

Only curious because the blurple light makes it look like white sand. Certainly not questioning your prowess as a grower.

Did you make any changes between the 2nd (successful) and 3rd (stunted) batch?