Germination problem


I ordered 3 AK47 seeds and placed all 3 in a cup of water till they fell to the bottom. Then I removed and placed in between 2 moist paper towels for roughly 48 hours until all the hulls had split and a root had started to sprout. Then i places seeds in seperate 1 gallon buckets with unfertilized potting soil. After 1 day I watered with an extremely mild "grow start " fertilizer mix used sparingly with water. One plant popped right up …growing healthy. Other 2…zip, nothing…are duds common?


not necessarily common but it does happen… how long has it been? Might not be duds, may just be slow starters. try continuing to keep the soil moist and warm for a while longer… occasionally takes up to two weeks for a young plant to find it’s legs and reach for the light.


I have trouble with germination myself. I only got got 2 out of 8 Strawberry Kush to germinate. I’m going to practice on bagseed this Fall.


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I was impatient and over analyzed it to much I think. They done me right and sent replacements.



Hey I have had the same thing happen to me. And I still have seeds in paper towel for you knows how lone now.
So don’t fell to bad cause were in the same boat.
But you have a great idea with the bag seed thing there.
By the way. Welcome you to ILGM
And check out the lounge great people to get to know ate right in there

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Thanks. I appreciate it.


I think this was your problem. Why add nutrients when they haven’t even sprouted yet? Better safe than sorry, that’s my motto. :v:


I was going to say that same thing but had a brain fart…lmao

Thanks for adding that @ktreez420

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Does it mean when the seed floats is bad or when it sinks.


neither…I had some that floated until I tapped them…then they sank… both floaters as well as sinkers germinated and grew well