Germination problem+substrates


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I have had a problem with growing seeds. They just don’t want to germinate. I have used 3 types of medium from river sand, coco fibre and sand and dirty mix. I have keep them moist at all times but still have no luck. Can you please tell me the best medium and the conditions I should use to grow from seed.


I soak the seed for 24 hours then straight to the dirt and keep the dirt wet with just a spray bottle.
Some use a damp paper towel and wait till they see a tiny sprout then to a solo cup with soil keep damp with spray bottle and be patient it can take several days for them to sprout depending on conditions


Also none of those mediums are good to start a seed in
Sand drys out to fast
Coco fibre is very acidic when water hits it
Sand and dirt mix not sure what that is.
There is a step by step on the blog under guides.
Hope this helps


Zoe, tell that person to join the forum and both me @Growit will help them get this figured out. It is just a matter of following a couple of steps that are proven to work and we can get them on the path to growing!


I would suggest following Roberts germination method and use a seed stater mix from local garden center
Mist soil as need to keep moist not wet
But i agree joining the forum for assistance would be a good move
Happy growing peeps


Im pretty new at this and I read and it did well for me since my house is the Ice princess castle (my wife) I took two plates and paper towel double it up wet it and cover with another towel and put the other lid on top and put every thing on a cable box keep moist not wet for a couple of days.