Germination pods

How long does it typically take to see a sprout.

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Depends on how it was germinated. How do you do it? Most of mine are within 35 to 50 hours.
I soak mine for 24 hours then put it in the plug or soil and wait.

Didn’t t do any prep to the seeds

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Looks like you got it, what kind of plugs are those?
I only have to soak my peat one for like 10 minutes, just wondering.
Sorry it took me so long I was dealing with a difficult plant of mine, I had to flush her

the ones from the website, that’s all I did got them wet for a bit, wrung out any excess water. The ones that sprouted are gold leaf. One is taking off

Oh ok, I was just wondering. I like to learn and read on how others do it for knowledge haha

4 diff kinds L2R
3 BD
2 GC
2 JH
3 GL
All from ilgm can’t wait it’s my second grow. Got the first seeds from apathocricy didn’t use fem seeds first time only got 2 out of the six. Not making that mistake again.

Aweome keep us posted


4 out of 10 not showing. Dug down a little bit 2 had tap roots showing, gently turned the root down. 2 barely broke, worked around in the pod and added canna rhitozonic spray to plants.

They’re showing signs of stretching so I’d recommend that you move the lights flower, or the plants closer.


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