Germination period, would this work?

Hello , I have a few questions. Now In the start germination part should I just use the plain tap water for the 12-24 hour period or can I mix up the flower power starter fertilizer to a litter of water or the miracle grow single pour and feed ( the 1 pack to a gallon of water ) and let the seeds germinate in those instead of just plain water. Would it work?

Use the best water you can get distilled or what ever soak seeds overnight in water on warmish side I wouldn’t add anything( maybe few drops of hydrogen Peroxide) then put between damp paper towels in ziplock bag or container keep warm and dark when tap root is 1/2 to 1in long plant in soil with no added nutrients (miracle grow soil tends to be to strong and will burn sprouts) keep light 24" away till they get few sets of leaves. I always start nutrient schedule at 1/4 strength and increase over time.Im no pro but feel free to ask me questions if needed By adding @ to my name to get me direct .
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@Ghost no don’t add nutrients to the water it will probably kill the seeds. Just plain tap water is all you need


Totally agree with the above suggestions, plain water is all you need at germination/seedling stage. The flower power starter fertilizer can be introduced at the beginning of vegetation, after having at least 3 nodes

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Just water no nutrients.
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I just got a seed warming pad (Amazon) that keeps the soil at a constant. On 1/13 I planted a bunch of seeds 10 or so and placed them on the pad. On 1/17 they all sprouted but 1. I was pretty impressed. Now this is my first ever winter grow so I am totally lost in space. I don’t know if the seed warmer did this or it’s because its winter, but they all grew 3 inches almost overnight and would be what I call willowy and I am wondering if this will affect transplanting, other than that they are almost showing the 3rd leaves. Okay all you ‘budwizes’ out there. :woman_farmer:t4:

Yea I bought the kit that has the heating pad with a T5 light I think it is for my germinate period , came with the clonex gel packet also. And thanks everyone for the feed back. I just wanted to make sure before experimenting.