Germination of seeds

I recently started my first soil grow. I have two questions. Should I place a dome over the seedlings? I read that it’s not beneficial and can cause more harm than good.

Can I transfer the plants from the soil to a hydroponic system?

Domed seedlings are prone to damping off and molding. Air circulation is required and even fans will help grow strong stems.

Yes, seedlings started in soil can be transferred to hydro but it’s tricky business. You need to catch them at about two sets of true leaves while the roots are rapidly growing. Then very carefully unpot them and rinse off the existing soil with pH balanced water. Finally, carefully plan how they will be supported in the new hydro unit because they have tender stalks and no anchoring roots yet. Expect casualties.

Another possibility is using a flush and fill hydro set up. This then becomes a transplanting operation where excess soil is knocked off the developing root ball which is then placed in the coarse gravel medium. Over a period of time the roots will extend into the gravel and the soil will wash away. The problem is that it clogs up the gravel over time so you need to completely disassemble the growing tank between crops and rinse out this soil or it will retain the water rather than allowing it to run freely thru the gravel.

The best plan is to start your grow with your final decisions regarding it already made. Changing horses midstream may cause you to get all wet.


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