Germination of really old Columbian Seeds

I was looking for some Columbian seeds and ran into a friend in New York State that had a bunch. We have been friends since birth and he GAVE me 10 seeds. They have been sealed up and protected for 30 years. Not sure how I will get them to germinate but he said that he got 2out of three to germinate with water and towels. I want to try it too. I have never been as lucky as he has so I ma looking for every edge!

Any suggestions about how to increase germination chances in old seeds?? Would appreciate it ! ! Jerry

This year I found a bunch of seed in my moms freezer. She had no idea where it came from, so it had to be from my step father whom died 6 years ago. I picked out nice seeds and started in moisr paper towels with no success. So I dumped the entire container into damp paper towels, as this is how I’ve always propagated seeds, and nothing after about four days. I had the seeds folded into several layers of paper towel, as there were many, I had this in a zip lock bag and sealed it and threw aside thinking the seeds were dead. I picked the bag up a week or so later cleaning up, and a good number of the seeds had sprouted! I moved to soil, and gave away a couple dozen to friends, hope they were tended and producing. But, lol, the only advice of my long rant is that old seeds may seem to be dead, but give them extra time. They may just need a little longer from a prolonged hibernation.


water soak them? With maybe a drop of root starter in the water?

just shootin’ in the dark

I do mine in water with a drop of superthrive. If they pop, I put them to soil. Rock wool. Whatever may be your choice.

@Aquaponic_Dumme just posted about sprouting old seeds with some sort of hormone or something that sounds promising… I need some as well cause I have some nice strains that could use another go around… I will hit up @Aquaponic_Dumme also…


@peachfuzz, @TxGrowman,

I’ve never used the GA-3, but I know of it, and have some on order now, and plan on posting my findings. Gibberellic Acid (GA-3), or synthetic Gibberellin hormone. It’s the plant hormone that regulates plant’s over all life cycle and triggers it to germinate seeds faster.

(Check out 5:10-6:10)

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That is the stuff I was thinking about but could not remember the name of it ! ! Think I am going to try a few of those seeds soon as I get some GA3. Thanks for the clips, Dumme.


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Thanks @Aquaponic_Dumme I got to get some of that…


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OK. 2/2 seeds popped by the third day ! Used a 100 ppm solution. I am REALLY happy to see them sprout. Just looking at them makes me think of all the years they have been sitting dormant and now - NEW LIFE. Now the big thing, keeping them going. Got to admit, they sure look healthy for 30 years old. I am thinking about the old days in the 1970’s that we used to get good 4 finger bags of columbo for $20. Those days are gone but I can hopefully get to taste some of the “dirt” taste of a good columbian weed.

Hope they are female as I do not have anyplace to veg males (limited to one grow tent due to grow situation). If they are males, I do have one friend that is more than excited to buy them from me. Understanding he is my friend, I am not going to gouge him too much HOWEVER, these are “Old School” seeds and are about as good a seed stock as you are going to get. They shouldn’t have had anyone changing genetics that I know of. He is not sure what he wants to cross them with but definitely wants them if male. I am hoping to disappoint him, but make me VERY happy, by having females.

I cannot recall or find anything about the growth characteristics (Height, yield, grow time) on the plants. If anyone has any input, would be glad to hear it. I really want to make a good grow of this one. Jerry


Just a quick update: My plants are going well. 10 days old and 3 inches tall with three leaves. The leaves are looking really nice and green. Am hoping I am looking at females ! If not, will get these to a deserving home and then re-start again. Gonna watch 'em close and give them the best care. Ya’ll stay safe !

They got a three thousand year old wheat seed to grow, this should be easy.:alien:

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I’m hoping ! So far, so good !

Good job buddy I’m sure they will be as awesome as you remember them to be.

Update: Twenty days and they are both taking off. Are 12 inches tall and show all the signs of loving my climate I provided for them. Am going to clone off a shoot on each as soon as possible and flower them. Hoping I get two ladies !


@latewood I have a couple questions I wanted to ask you. 1: When is a good time to take a clone to check for female/male sex of my plants. 2: I know that Columbian is a warm weather Sativa. Will it help if I raise the heat in the tent by a few degrees to help it grow. 3: If I do raise the temp, should I make sure the roots are cooler by using Air Induction or another process to keep the roots cooler ? Thanks Jerry

  1. 3-4 weeks from seed.

  2. NO

3.N/A See answer 2.


OK, got two clones started today. First time I did the sex from a clone, I had trouble keeping the clones alive but have a nice incubator all set up with a light and a humidity cover this time. Gonna spray it every 12 hours or so for a few days and then every day as long as the humidity stays up. The plants I took the clones from are really growing well and look really healthy. Will keep ya’ll advised.

Won’t be around tomorrow though, Texas / OU game at the Texas State Fair tomorrow ! Got FREE tickets on the 35 yard line 20 rows up ! Great seats ! Later, Jerry


WOW ! CRAZY game Texas lost by 5 but came home and the clones look great ! Here’s hoping that they are ladies !


The clones are doing great and I have been busy as hell with other stuff. I am managing to spray them about every day and they so not seem to be suffering for it. Gonna water daily. Looks like I am going to be able to stop the green house in about a week. The parents are doing great, good growth and I am happy with them. Later . . .


Waiting for the results…:slight_smile: