Germination of ILGM seeds


I didn’t see this topic listed so here goes:
I didn’t receive any germination instructions with my order, I have always used a paper-towel and then

I read this pos by Jaxn “…Last November I got 20 WW seeds from ILGM. They didn’t come with germinating instructions. I searched the site and found Roberts guide. It says one way (his favorite) is to soak 24 hours in water then soil. I did it with 6 seeds and only 1 sprouted. After a week I emailed support and the return email said I should have left them in the water until the seed cracked and I could see the sprout, then put in soil. Eventually 4 out of 6 sprouted the way I did it. The longest took 9 days…”.

Is soaking until tap-root is visible the proper way to germ ILGM seeds?



I use paper towels only , when ever i soak them over 4 hours i tend to find that i get less of them to sprout … i take 4 paper towels place on a dinner plate clip off one corner so that the two paper towels i then place on top are easy to lift up and not disturb the bottom towels… then soak them “the towels” in ph neutral water… then hold the plate on edge steeply till it stops dripping . then place in seeds …under top layer of towels. then cover with plastic food wrap tightly …place this in a place between 75-80 degrees in dark should sprout in 3-7days …when they grow a 1/4 " tap, place in grow medium 1/4"- 1/2" deep… GOOD LUCK… let me know how this works for you …Hammer


It’s all preference.

I don’t use the paper towl method, because of the risk of me damaging the new root. lol

I’ve had great success using rapid rooters.

I’ve soaked the seed for 8ish hours, and placed them in the rapid rooter, and I’ve also just placed the seed directly into the rapid rooter.

The last ILGM seeds I germinated took 3 days to sprout…

On the other hand, I tried using jiffy pellets at first, and could not get anything to sprout for some reason.

Not sure why, but I just didn’t have the magic touch with the jiffy pellets.

So, there are several good ways to germinate seeds, ILGM seeds are no different.

Just read up on each method, and see which you like best.

I prefer to keep it simple. :slight_smile:
Once I switch from the jiffy pellets, everything started working.
At first though, I was freaking out. lol

Good luck.


Hey Stoned, I had issues with jiffy pellets and peat pots…same thing I couldn’t get anything to root properly. I switched to the cardboard cotainers, I fill them with FFOF and haven’t had any problems once I switched to cardboard.
One thing I noticed is that when the cardboard gets dry it tends to wick up the moisture in the pot.


That is great way to do it.


I also had problems sprouting in jiffy pellets. My main problem is a warm place to keep them. Grow room gets below 70 sometimes with lights off.
The jiffy pellets work great for cloning though. :grinning:
Great thread.:seedling::herb::evergreen_tree:


Hello gentlemen,

The way I do it is. one dinner plate and two paper towels and half cup warm water. I place one paper on the plate pour the water , place seeds on paper towel take the other place it on top of seeds then I place them under my 40 " TV and in 3 to 5 days I got roots. Now it mite take up to 10 days for 100℅ germination ! Every day you make sure they stay damp
But its different stroaks for different fokes…lol



Same here I us paper towel method and put in tv cabinet dark and warn always had success


Hey there Ice how you been ?
I do the same with all my seeds and I have never had a seed bought not germinate.



Hey Will what’s up been working on getting this scrog thing down have u done one chk out my post monster crop gold leaf and tell me what you think haven’t gotten any advice from you in awhile never stared me wrong


I’ll. Go check it out my friend.
I never give out wrong info and never will…it’s just plain wrong.
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i think part of the problem with the jiffy’s are what their made from …peat … which has a high ph …when i used them years and years ago .most of mine would sprout then very quickly turn yellow and burn .way back then i didn’t know any thing about ph… or i might have tried to adjust the water to neutralize this effect . if using paper towels its just to easy to check once aday and plant those that are ready . but if you forget or get busy for afew days .youll find the tap root buried in it… and that usally breaks off trying to remove it …


Hammer: I decided to use the soaking method. I soaked seeds for 24 hrs in room temp water. The next day all of the seeds cracked and had small tails, I put them in FFLW and then put them on top of my light (using Floros) and cranked the humidity to 60%RH with 79-81f temps.
I have my fingers crossed, I can’t wait til they start growing.

Already looking forward to my next order

LOUD Thank You to Claire and Robeert