Germination of girl scout cookies extreme

I have purchsased 5 girl scout cookie extreme seeds. I put 3 into a glass of water. At 20 hours i took them out of the glass and placed them in pete pellets. That was 12 days ago and no sprouts. The temp is 85 degrees. Does this strain maybe take longer or are my seeds bad. Got seeds from here. Also i should have stated that at 20 hours when i removed from the water thers were no signs of the taproot at this time.

Maybe the Pellets.
I had seeds in those that didn’t sprout, but did when I put them in paper towls.

I’m a beginner though, so just giving some hope that they are still good. :slight_smile:


Most of the time I leave my seeds in water for 2r3 days , I hope they r not bad I love that strain.take a few days they may b ok

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What did you do to prep the pellets? What has been going on with them since then? Any ideas of temps, light, moisture? You have to give people some info to help you

I soaked pellets in rain water and drained excess off after 2 hours. I then
put ungerminated seeds in the pellets and set the bowl with pellets next to
a vegging plant. Fluorescent light. Temp is 85 degrees. When starts to look
dry i put rain water in bottom of bowl after 10 minutes i drain excess off.
Sorry for leaving so much information out when i contacted you. Thank you
for any help i can get.

Ok also they have been in the pellets 12 days now and no sign of a sprout.

That’s a long time. Your probably not going to get a sprout at this point. Maybe others can help, @garrigan62 @Majiktoker @Hammer

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Ya i know and these seeds are very expensive. As much as i payed they
should have all been good seeds not duds.

What is humidity it’s not just got and dry is it?

I have nothing to monitor humidity. Question sir what do you personally
think about humidity domes. I just have them sitting in a bowl no lid.
Atmospheric humidity today is about 45 percent. I have not let them dry up
at all.

You may want to try a sprayer to moisten the top of the pellet and check/spray every 12 hours. And chech that they aren’t buried too deep.

And maybe they were killed by temperatures during shipping. Come to think of it, That’s my bet…

First off don’t check, it stresses seeds second off of nothing monitering humidity, than I’d advise get a rhygrometer. A humidity dome would be a good idea to help you along the way

They were buried 1/4 of an inch. And been keeping them moist so the tops
never went dry

They need to dry up some what to get proper oxygen and be slightly moistened all the way through

@Weedtoker .it sounds to me like they may have drowned , the most common prob . I personally don’t care for the peat pellets , they can hold an excess of water and if memory serves ,I beleive their high ph … I would suggest we alter your method a bit … first as the seed’s from here are not very old , soak them in 6.1 H2o (pure distilled from the store ) , for 1 Hour only , .Then take 5 paper towels ,place on a plate ,trim off excess towels . Soak in distilled water ,Then Drian at a 45 Degree angle for 15-20 mins . Place seed’s under top towel only and cover with saran wrap .Place in area 75-80 degree’s . check in 2-3 days .don’t transplant till, sprout is 1/4" long . Moisten the peat plug only .(if soaked Drain then place dry paper towel’s under them till they wick off excess water .and water with 6.7 phed water ,No nutes .to start with .Hope this helps next time .:smiley: Hammer
Hammer …