Germination of AK-47 in rockwool

A question from a fellow grower:

Everything started well for my AK47 seeds. I germinated two of them successfully until they had a half inch rootlet. Then I put them in the rockwool cubes you see below on January 22. I got a little green after a couple days but then they stalled and haven’t changed in over a week. I kept them moist but not soggy and warm. Best I can figure the new rootlets couldn’t penetrate the cube material. Do you think it’s a problem with the seeds or did I do something wrong?

Just don’t over water and transplant as soon as possible , you are in the seedling stage of development that last 1-2 weeks then comes vegation stage. everything is OK

what are you using for water what’s it’s ph? Rockwool is soil less so is the rapid rooter plug you started them in they need a hydro ph 5.8

Do you have a humidity dome over them? They like 60%-70% rh.