I soaked my northern feminine in tap water(its pretty good here) in a bowl until they sunk…then wet paper towel then into a baggy covered with a paper plate got light facing away but using it for heat is all…been 20 hours I checked moisture and to see if any sprouts have came(NOTHING OF COURSE)…WISH ME LUCK its been 20 years since I last grew my own meds


No worries man. They know what to do lol I usually just soak for 24 hours then solo cup a little sunshine and mother nature takes over :slight_smile: good luck :seedling:

IV never grown in doors is all,but there good seeds…

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Good luck @Brucekirk

I recently germinated a few seeds using the paper towel method.
I ended up using my cable box for a heat source. I don’t need put mine in a baggy though I just put the paper towel on the paper plate and cover with another one.
If you do use your cable box just keep an eye on the paper towel to be sure it stays moist. I’ve had %100 success using the paper towel method.

Yup my beans are behind my flat screen and cable box next to my ps3 moist
towel plastic bag two paper plates with a light facing away but close enuff
for heat,I just gotta wait another day for sprouts is all then into solo

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Checked for shoots there was a long one so I put seed into soil and Dixie cup today root down and watered little bit put uandr light then sprayed with bottle later on

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