Germination no sprout


OK I have some experience in germinating and growing, however I dropped 5 Blackberry Kush and all cracked in 24 hrs and had nice sprouts in a couple of days 3 top’s… then I dropped 5 Pure Indica… they sunk in 24 hrs, 3 cracked and sprouted in 2 to 3 days but 2 failed to sprout. they cracked and that was it… I could see the sprout wanting to come out but never did… Wazzzz UP… 7 days later no sprout’s. a week and a half, no sprouts. how long can you keep trying before they go bad?


I think after the 2 week mark, you can probably call it quits. There was another grower that mentioned they had waited a full two weeks, and it finally came out. With out pictures I can’t be sure what went wrong. Welcome to ILGM.
@Myfriendis410 was the one that mentioned that it took forever to come out I think?
I hope I answered your question.


Hey, welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately we are working with a living creature and sometimes even with the best techniques some non viable seeds are gonna get out there. ILGM will make good on them if you are patient.

I had some home grown Sour Diesel seeds take a week to split in distilled water and peroxide. Extra thick seed husks I think were to blame. One old timer trick is to drag the seed over a nail file lightly to score and weaken it. I always use a few drops of peroxide in my distilled water and put the cup of water in a dim, warm place. I use the cable box.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the tip! I heard about the peroxide but didn’t know about the extra thick shell? wow never too old to learn… coming for a 63 year old young-ling! lol it’s been close to 2 weeks now. like I mentioned, 3 perfect two not so…guess I can wait and see what happens… my first set of 5 Blackberry Kush is in week 3 of flower with some nice bud’s a growing!!! now the Pure India 3 has their first set of leaves and the other two still in paper towel…


yup it’s around two week’s now… I got leaves of the other 3 now and a inch or so tall… with the other 2 seeds still in paper towel soaked and PH at 6.0 right? paper towel is the same I used, even changed it with fresh H2o so what next, can I get two more seed’s to complete my growth plan of 5 plants…


Yes, just email customer service @Kajuntrax they’re very good about resending seeds when they don’t sprout.


Had issues with slow or no sprouting, a seed that was soaked Saturday, put in a Jiffy pellet Sunday, then Monday morning I saw this post and put it on the cable box - by Last night I could see the stem trying to break the soil :smile:

I noticed that the water in the tray evaporated quickly because of the heat, so keep an eye on that. I did not use peroxide though. What is the ratio of that to water, and what does it do? Thanks.


Just a couple of drops in a 1/4 cup of water. It softens the husk and allows moisture to get to the kernel.


Thanks! I’ve heard it, but I’m a “why” guy. I don’t like doing random stuff just because someone said so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m a gonna try that… give em a edge on cracken! This is the first time ever encountered it when the seed crack’s and you can see the root wanting to start just showing the root along the cracked edge and ca poot it stopped, no growth just staying dormant? I’m a guessing after 2 weeks going on 3 it’s not gonna happen… So odd cause I had done so many, grew medical in Arizona, using same method of germination and planting. then moved to the redneck state of La. Cajun country! had 5 Blackberry Kush grow like crazy then tried the Pure Indica and had this little problem… OH well I can live with 8 out of 10… I’ll just clone a few more they will just be straggler’s…lol thanks for the tip…


wow I just got a message they are sending out 2 for replacement! Simply outstanding! this is a truly great site! and ILGM really stands behind their product! And for that I SALUTE THEM…


Glad everything worked out for you. They’re legit that’s for sure.