Germination method and soil - NEWBIE Please advise

Hello; to be - 1st grow ever. So much information do this…not that etc. so a few questions with pics of soil.
Given: 4 seeds now in H2O -dark and reasonably warm.
I purchased “Seedling” soil at a local, reputable, nursery. See attached pics PLEASE.
My intention was to place seeds directly into soil in Jiffy Pots (Peat Moss) let them get their roots a bit with Temp. control “warm mat” and then place Jiffy’s in 5Gal bags.
Q: Should I pre-wet the “Seedling” soil and allow to drain for a day or two OR place sprouted seeds into dry soil with only a spray/dampening of the 1/2" deep hole and cover and spray/dampen on top?
Q2: Please see pics - is this “Seedling” soil good to begin with?

Yes. This what I do.

This will work great.

CVG…Thank you for the prompt and direct response!