Germination light


During the seedling stage while still in the paper towel (before any soil is used)… Light or no light?


I keep mine out of the light until I put them into soil. Basically dark or at least covered while the taproots trying to pop out of the seed in the water. Or paper towel however you do it.
Wait till one of the professionals who knows what they’re talking about chimes in and follow what they say but I’ve had good success with the way I do mine but I’m not sure if that’s the rule of thumb or not


No light :bulb:and I put mine in a bag in a warmish spot


Yup no light till you put them in dirt
I soak mine in a cup fir 24-48 until they sink and split
Once split place in paper towel in a plastic bag for 24 after that should see a tap root 1/4-1/2 inch long at which point i place in soil in solo cup
And turn light in 24-7 untill it sprouts
Happy growing :v:️CB


No light. You are germinating the root and the roots do not like light! I do mine in total darkness until they are in the soil @BrockSamson


No light is the way I’ve been doing it, but wanted to see what everyone else is doing.



Just to double check, but when you place your seed in to the soil about a quarter of an inch deep, do you place it so the little white taproot is facing downward or up towards the light? and then you lightly cover with soil.
Thank you
I been putting mine so the taproot is facing down towards the bottom of the cup. But recently my Dad read something online and mentioned to place it upward? So I thought I should ask you. Thanks country boy and everyone else


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You want the tap root facing down.


I have always placed it down, I have yet to make it past the seedling stage tho… get a couple of leaves and would die… I was using wrong soil for the recc pH.
Mr. Bergman has in one of his videos that up or down it doesn’t matter, the tap root will naturally find its way down.